Here Is What You Should Do For Your Workout

I know this is not the best time to worry about your waistline and check to have flat stomach; we are in winter and just before the end of the year holidays! As every year, your diet will be turned upside down and you may not dare to expose yourself to the verdict of the scales. You will probably gain weight, and your pants will be tighter than usual.

But at Christmas or New Year’s Day everything is allowed! This is an opportunity to meet up with family and make wonderful meals, while nibbling all day.

Many people see significant weight gain during this time, and the holiday season is a challenge for those watching their line. Impossible to resist this food, certainly appetizing, but rich in calories.

If you have an urgent need to melt your waist, follow the tips below. And depending on your starting level of calisthenics, you can wear beautiful abs after a few weeks.

How to see your abdominals quickly, lose your belly or refine your waist? This is probably the most common question on non-generalist forums when it comes to fitness, but the answer given is often incomplete. It is often suggested to do exercises to dry the abs, but everyone here knows that this is not enough.

To all those who wonder how to achieve it, here are the 3 key points to get a muscular and drawn abdominal strap, and the famous chocolate bar!

The scheme

The diet is the most important parameter. Start by reducing your calorie intake by a few hundred calories a day. If you eat 2,000 calories a day, try going down to 1700, but do it the right way by lowering fat and sugar rather than protein. Reduce simple sugars rather than complex carbohydrates by having protein powder, etc.